Thursday 20 June 2013

I've been to...... recently.

I've been rather quiet on blogging recently after revealing my adventure on the last post. I'm still away from home and I'm trying to blog a wee bit through my phone. 

So...... I've been to these places so far! Of course, more details on each individual destination will come later!  

Been to Santorini, Greece. One of the most talkabout picture-perfect destination on Greece's volcanic island. You HAVE TO SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES!! 

Followed by ANOTHER scorching hot country that is Istanbul, Turkey. It's another unique European country that is Islamic. I got print-inspired with the colourful patterns from wall tiles, to spice bazaar, and food! 

In case if you checked out the news, headline of the past few weeks including the time I was there, there were protests in Istanbul. 
(Photo source:
Of course we avoided the area. It was going on in modern Istanbul area, Taksim. 

The old town that's where we stayed and most important sights and attractions are there. So, we're fine! And we had way too many kebabs (almost every meal!)

We continued our destination to a cooler place, well just the Swiss alps was freezing! I've been there before so everything is quite familiar to me. And I got to eat cheese fondue again!! So yes, we were in Switzerland. 

By now you must be thinking how many places I'm going to, well, not many more to go! 

Moving on, the picture above should give the clue. You know where? Yes, you're right, I was in Netherlands. Not many part of it as we mainly stayed in Amsterdam. 

So, that was my last destination and now here I am in a Scandic country which (unfortunately) being ranked (many times) as one of the most expensive country! 

Oslo, Norway it is! 

More to blog about soon!!

Till then! 

(P/s: all photos taken with my iPhone 5, and more photos are in my camera!)

Sunday 2 June 2013

Get set, ready, go!

The long awaited planned adventure has finally begun! I'm super excited that words can hardly describe. 

Camera, checked! Passport, checked! Foreign currency, checked! Anna, checked!!!!

I cannot wait to share my adventure with you, and when the trip is over, I'll thoroughly share how things are planned, how do you travel free and easy without joining any tour-program with tight schedule that you sit in the tour bus most of the time. 

It's happening!!!!!