Monday, 7 October 2013

Life's a Beach! The Red, White and Black Beaches in SANTORINI

Who doesn't love the beach? 

The Red Beach. September 2013, taken by dad with Canon EOS 5d Mark II
Many countries around the world are famous for its unique sandy beaches, like Boracay in Philippines, Cannes of France, Ibiza of Spain, etc. 

I personally find beaches in Santorini particularly near Akrotiri to be truly rare and unique, hence the name given for the beaches - Red Beach, White Beach and Black Beach. Akrotiri is the place to go, if you wish to know the archaeological part of the isle, as there's an archaeological museum. 

On my first trip there in June, all I can expect from reading various blogs online is that we have to go through a rocky cliffs to get down to the Red Beach. It wasn't easy for two girls to be honest. One way for getting to the beach through Akrotiri is not too long a walk away. Follow the crowd. For those who drive, there's a small area where you can park your car/ATV when you go to the beach. 

The rocky path to the Red Beach. Taken on September 2013, by my dad with Canon EOS 5D Mark II

We were amazed by the beauty of the red rocks on the cliffs with mixture of colours, and overlook the turquoise crystal-clear water of the Aegean Sea.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Legendary Sunset in Oia, SANTORINI

Just as you google-search for things to do in Santorini, one of it would be to view the sunset from Oia. It is just as important as how you need to ride on a camel on a trip to Egypt. 

Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS M)

Oia's sunset is famous for the sun sinking into the horizon without obstruction. The sunset is described by many as majestic, magnificent, breathtaking, etc. It is something you definitely has to see with your own eyes that not a single photo would do it's justice.

The elaborate architecture of Oia (see more in my previous blog post) has a different set of emotion when the golden orange rays from sunset reflected on the white buildings.

 Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

The best place to watch sunset would be from the castle-ruin of Oia. Beware, it will be crammed with photographer, photography-enthusiast and tourist even if you go early. People would stand there for hours. To be honest, looking at the number of people massed at that area would kill any romantic feelings you have towards the golden sunset.