Tuesday 1 October 2013

The Legendary Sunset in Oia, SANTORINI

Just as you google-search for things to do in Santorini, one of it would be to view the sunset from Oia. It is just as important as how you need to ride on a camel on a trip to Egypt. 

Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS M)

Oia's sunset is famous for the sun sinking into the horizon without obstruction. The sunset is described by many as majestic, magnificent, breathtaking, etc. It is something you definitely has to see with your own eyes that not a single photo would do it's justice.

The elaborate architecture of Oia (see more in my previous blog post) has a different set of emotion when the golden orange rays from sunset reflected on the white buildings.

 Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

The best place to watch sunset would be from the castle-ruin of Oia. Beware, it will be crammed with photographer, photography-enthusiast and tourist even if you go early. People would stand there for hours. To be honest, looking at the number of people massed at that area would kill any romantic feelings you have towards the golden sunset.

Just look at the amount of people waiting at the edge of the castle-ruin for the sunset. Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS M)

People would just hang around, wait, and watching the sun slowly drops under Aegean Sea. Just a reminder, bring a scarf or something slightly warmer with you if you decided to watch the sunset as it may get chilly at times. 
 Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
  Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

Just look at the colour of the sun, absolutely beautiful with gradient of orange, yellow and pink! 

 Taken in September 2013.
When the sun finally sets beneath the horizon, the crowd (actually audiences), would clap to mark the 'end' of a fantastic 'show'. What an experience.

The crowd then disperse quickly away from the scene. We'd wait for a while to avoid the human traffic before heading back. 

There are several restaurants marketed to be the best for sunset, especially those with unobstructed view. It is certainly nice to have a good spot enjoying a few sip of wine while the sun drops, but be prepare to pay for the over-priced menu and probably not-so-great meal. 
Just sometime after sunset in Oia. Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS M)

Note to self, to rent a room with a balcony that I can watch Oia's sunset with chilled wine and good company, that is only if I can possibly afford. Otherwise, it's not necessary to make a big fuss of watching the sunset show.

During summer, shops, cafe and restaurants in Oia open till late where you still can shop or eat after sunset. There's a supermarket that we found near Oia's bus station named Proton which sells the cheapest mineral water or other necessity, possibly cheapest in Oia. Sorry this is just a tip in case you need to get water after sunset. 

There are other place that you could view the sunset, too. I saw it from our balcony when I was staying in Anemoessa Villa while in June, and also from the main road near Old School Finikia before entering the path to our villa. It's pretty as well. 

 Taken in June 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS M)
 Taken in June 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS M)

Oh well, that's the infamous Oia's sunset. The position of the sun varies with the season you go, and also sunset time.

Oia at night. Taken in September 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

I just decided to end my post by showing one of the best sunset in Kuching (in Malaysia on Borneo Island), which is also my hometown, with somewhat unobstructed view and much less tourist. The difference from Oia's sunset would be the amount of clouds that's accumulated on tropical island may obstuct part of the sunset. 

Damai Central, Kuching. Taken in August 2013. (Camera: Canon EOS M)

Till then!


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