Monday, 18 November 2013

The central hub of Santorini- FIRA

Fira, is the main town of Santorini, a.k.a. Thira, that is on top of the cliff of the caldera. From its white architecture against dark rocks,  looking very much like yummy 'icing on top of chocolate cakes'. As appealing as it looks, Fira is must go with it's unique beauty different from Oia (as how I mentioned in my previous post, here and here). 
That's just me in Fira. September 2013. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
June 2013. Fira, the icing on top of chocolate cakes. (Canon EOS M 18-55mm)

I love the ambience of Santorini, that you just wish to relax all day, being stress-free. The people there are too, very laid back. Wandering through steps of small little streets, looking at many Santorini's unique produce or arts, just hold your heart back, but they can be extremely overpriced. For a thrifty traveller like myself, I would not land myself in expensive arts pieces and jewelleries. If you're there for honeymoon, if it's a gift from your love one, I'd say why not?

Overlooking Caldera from Fira. September 2013. (Taken with Canon EOS M)
Spotted, Oia on the very end of the island. September 2013. (Taken with Canon EOS M)

One of the largest 'main street' on Fira, where you can see the caldera, churches and some shops. September 2013 (Taken with Canon EOS M)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Oops!! I've been missing out!

Dearest blog readers, 

I've been really busy with MSc work in university which is the main reason I've been idle from blogging for more than a month now!  

I'm so sad that I do not have the time to blog but if you wish to follow more of my updates while I'm idle, follow my Instagram account: anna_bong_

These are some of the papers I've been reading almost everyday and producing lots of writing in a short period of time. Nevertheless, it may looked like boring stuff but I'm actually enjoying the process of knowing more from the subject. 

I'm a traveller and a geek too! Hahah! 

Anyway I'll blog real soon, as my coursework finishing soon! 

Till then!