Wednesday 22 January 2014

Prints overload!! Topkapi Palace, ISTANBUL

Istanbul is strategically located as gateway between Europe and Asia. I didn't know what to expect before I was there, as it is also a Muslim country just like Malaysia. I thought, it would be just a few mosque, palaces and some kebab, just like Malaysia. I was so wrong when I first landed in Istanbul. The metropolitan city, the population density and everything else is so colourful! It is such a beautiful city!

As you can see from the blog of mine, it's always filled with colours. I love things that are strong in colours, in prints and bold! Istanbul has it all!

We went to Topkapi Palace on our second full-day in Istanbul. I was truly inspired by the prints and lavishness of it. Including the really huge diamond owned by the royals. It is a large palace for the Ottoman Sultans until 400 years ago.

 Look at the prints on the tiles. 

The use of colours in the palace is similar to the lavishness Malaysian Royals love to use, especially the colour yellow or gold. Perhaps, it's the arabic influence of muslim countries in these royals? I'm not sure. 

Topkapi Palace Harem is a single-storey apartment for the ladies during Ottoman legacy. It was filled with beautiful floral wall-tiles.

What I was wearing just blends into the background. This area is definitely my favourite. 

The architecture, which built centuries ago. The details of each corner was more than words could say! They are simply amazing!

The Harem is just beautiful! The use of different prints together, and perhaps has inspired many fashion designers of some sort. It's beauty was truly one of its kind. I'd say what I saw in the royals of Malaysia has no way to compete with this!! It's great that they have managed to keep all these in its original form, and these beautifully printed tiles has not been re-printed since centuries ago!

When looking at all these, I do understand a bit more of the similarity in culture of Turkey and Malaysia. Malaysia loves bright colours just like what I saw in Istanbul. This city is rich in its culture. 

As with any palace aorund the world, the location is always strategically located. From the Topkapi Palace, one can see the beautiful Marmara Sea. 

Did I mentioned that you can see the world's largest diamond in their treasury? You can see but not to be taken away. I was wow-ed by it. If I am not mistaken, it's a 86carat diamond!! I do not even have a 0.86 carat diamond what more to say when it's a 86 carat one!! There are others jewelleries including load of emeralds. Real gemstones were used as decoratives for stuff like furniture! It's beyond imagination!

Everything there was mind-blowing! A trip to Istanbul is never completer without a trip to the Topkapi Palace. It's definitely a must-go. Try buying the tickets before going, and it's closed on Tuesdays. 

Till then!


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