Sunday 3 August 2014

Kelvingrove x Festival 2014 x Commonwealth Games 2014

Moving away from Glasgow city center, Festival 2014 continues to the west end of Glasgow. This is one of my favourite area of Glasgow, beautiful landscapes and rich in historical buildings. There's a huge Kelvingrove Park and the famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The museum house some of the famous art, and also history of the Scottish revolution. 

Hello again, Clyde! This is the other one of Clyde which is similar to the one found in Glasgow Green, which could be seen in my previous post. Clearly the weather was amazing, which I could not just stay at home. As a side note, Scotland is famous of being wet and grey, when it's sunny, there will be a lot of people out there sunbathing! I take every opportunity to absorb some vitamin D, too!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my Wee Clyde, who's wearing a tiny kilt!! Although I live in Glasgow, getting it is a remembrance for myself about how fabulous the city has been during the 20th Commonwealth Games! And there he was, meeting his bigger (and older) family member in front of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. 

The atmosphere at the west end the other day was perfect! You could hear people speaking various languages, and English of various accent. People speaking to complete strangers, which were great! I always come to the conclusion that a place need not to be extremely beautiful, but with amazing people and friendliness, it's the most beautiful thing! 

As I walked across the lawn ball ground, I could see Team Malaysia playing. Too bad I do not have ticket and I was all by myself, or I would definitely stay for longer to cheer for them!!! GO Team Malaysia!!!

The last time I walked in Kelvingrove Park was a while back, and I didn't remember there's this place for skateboarding! It was much busier than it looked in the photo.
Kelvingrove Bandstand. There were free performance for all to watch, and this band, The Starry Skies was pretty uplifting! Soaking in some of the sun and music, the day could not be any perfect!
This is by far, my favourite spot in Glasgow West End, which overlook one of the oldest building of University of Glasgow. It just felt peace. 

As I am typing this blog post, I am watching the Closing Ceremony of the XX Commonwealth Games, when Glasgow 2014 handed over to Gold Coast 2018. All the performers including Kylie Minogue appeared to sing the famous farewell song, Auld Lang Syne, written by the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. This song is famous during new year's eve, bid farewell to last year, and welcome a brand new year. Whenever I hear this song, I feel emotional for its meaning behind. When this song is sing each time, people hold hands to sing, swinging side to side. 

The Game may have ended but the the city of Glasgow remains. It will always and forever in my heart as my second home, and a friendly city to live in. As Prince Imran said in the closing speech, that Glasgow 2014 is by far the best yet in history of Commonwealth Games, and "PURE DEAD BRILLIANT"! (It's a very Glaswegian saying!)

Till then,
Anna x.o.x.o

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