Sunday 21 April 2013

Quirky & Chic - Haji Lane

"Retail therapy is the cheapest type of therapy you can get."

Do you have the time when you walk into a retail space or arcade, you don't go straight to their merchandise, but slow down your pace just to admire the visual merchandise and storefront design?

"I do!"

Here's a place I went to I would slow down and sinking in all the artsy-fancy thing before looking into the retail items. It is no other than Haji Lane in Singapore that I would highly recommend to fashionista who love something unique, chic, quirky and affordable.

Colourful row of shops reminded me of Brighton and Notting Hill, England. Haji Lane is a petite pedestrian street near Arab Street. The nearest MRT is Bugis (East-West Line).

I just love the creativity. Need I say more?
Edgy bike shop.

Bright colours.

Haji Lane widely use bicycles as part of the storefront design. Uniqueness. 

Artistry wall art along the street. This is one of my favourite, inspired by Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Even the name of the store is rather fun. 

Many of the shops belong to local blogshop, where they source their items from all over the world. Most of the items are affordable. It is the ideal place for you to look for fun-looking or vintage items, yet fashion-forward. 

You can get everything from head-to-toe, headbands-to-highheels, and even furniture. There are several cafe or retail-cum-snacks store. Shops there usually open from 12pm onwards, so it's recommended to go after noon till night.

I cannot wait for my next trip back to Haji Lane.

Till then!


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