Tuesday 14 May 2013

My Favourite Bit of Singapore

Just like many metropolitan city, Singapore is one of the fastest growing Southeast Asian countries. This post is not blabbering about the economic growth, but something I like about the city, personally.

Living in Singapore for 20 months, I try out many things in the eye of an explorer. I love travelling however skeptical about what are the things being introduced in bookshop’s travel guide. And that’s also the reason why I do not like to go on group tours by travel agents if I can. Here's some of my personal recommendations if you wish to visit Singapore.

Things & Places I like in Singapore

1. Diversity of Shopping Culture – Orchard Road  
#Orchard Road. Here you can get everything you need from head-to-toe, and it's always the place I go to when I need shopping!

 All you can get from Local Designers to International Designers, prices from High Street to Luxury.

2. Haji Lane
It is the quirkiest place I've been to in Singapore. Click here to read about my blog post for it

3. Red Dot Museum 

I'm always into modern art and design stuff. When I know about the existence of this museum, I paid a visit and get inspired. I have lots of inspiration for designs and illustration purposes. 

4. Hawker Centres

A typical hawker centre offering very affordable delicacies. If you're looking for Singaporean food, lookout for the hawker centres that is located in many corners of Singapore.

5. Transport

Singapore's public transport is efficient and reachable to many corners of the city by MRT or buses. Even when you need taxi, the fare is quite affordable.


6.  ZoukOut

I'm lucky enough to been to ZoukOut twice with my best companion, it is indeed an international event that is so grand and fun! You'll get to know more DJs and my favourite for now is Calvin Harris. Look out for this event every year during the second weekend of December.


7. Concerts
Many local and international artist performed in Singapore, as a hub for entertainment. 

January 2013: Swedish House Mafia #OneLastTour. It was absolutely epic and still so happy that I was there to witness the history.

For more concerts/events, go to www.sistic.com.sg

8. Food of International Diversity

In Singapore rich with many expats, you can get not only local Singaporean/Asian food, you can get to try many authentic international food, like British, French, American, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, etc. 

Below are a few of my favourites. 
Best cakes from Canele

Ice-cream sandwich for only $1!

English Breakfast.

Egg Tarts from a very traditional Chinese bakery.

When people talk about British food, the feedback is always awful. I may and may not agree with it from my stay in UK for 4 years. People would definitely think about fish & chips. It is ever oh-so-easy to have this meal in UK, either in university’s refractory, restaurants or chippy store. From personal experience, it’s not easy to get nice fish & chips in Asia. Fortunately for Singapore, they have authentic fish & chips. They also serve fried Mars Bar! (Give it a try!)

Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips
230 Tanjong Katong Road,
Singapore 437018 


Many of you may have heard about the infamous macaroons from Paris, Laduree. It is now available in Singapore!

All in all, Singapore is a nice place for a short breakaway, that you get to see, feel, eat, and experience a lot of things. If I return to Singapore, it would be all because of the 8 points mentioned above. 

Till then!


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