Wednesday 30 July 2014

Merchant City Festival x Festival 2014

Each year, there's Merchant City Festival in Glasgow, which hosts a variety of events around the most elite area of Glasgow. Merchant City is a district and also one of the wealthiest area in town, with high-end shops, cafes and restaurants. It's deemed to mirror Covent Garden of London.

This year, with the Commonwealth Games, Merchant City Festival is even much more colourful, with more events for people to enjoy! 

As I walked from George Square (see more from here), I stumbled upon happy looking people and also with shops decorated with colourful banners, saying 'Welcome to Glasgow' 

This store caught my attention with 'Selamat Datang ke Glasgow', meaning 'Welcome to Glasgow' in Malay! They put up other languages of the commonwealth nation participating in the games. Love this!

No car access in this area, just for the festival.
Tea lady on tour!
And some random people dressed up in the most random thing you'd not have thought of! It's just like any other festival!

And, there were a couple of stages with performances, free for all to enjoy. I must say some of the band were pretty good! At least I had fun myself!

Irn Bru, a famous and Scottish pride soft drink, had a pop-up store in Merchant City. Not just selling Irn Bru but also other merchandise such as keyrings, posters, t-shirts and also onesies! 

Some pretty cool wall art on the streets.

There's all sorts of food on the street that has to offer! Whatever you like!

Loving all these vintage settings around Merchant City. I was feeling so cheerful to just walk around, with people smiling to strangers, and I must say, the Host City volunteers are all very helpful!

And I continue towards some vintage 'oldie-but-goodie' indoor at Merchant Square!

Would love to try living in your favourite vintage era, try a makeover! It all looked so much fun but too bad I didn't try it out myself!

Look how busy the Vintage Salon was! 

Apart from makeover, vintage display, markets, there were outdoor performances, such as this dance by H2H acro-dance from Joli Vyann, a bitter-sweet love story portrayed through their dance. It was a mixture of ballet and modern dance. I enjoyed it!

Modified trucks turned into food stalls, which I loved!

I went to the festival area three days in a row. The second day was totally unintentional as I was walking around town aimlessly but my foot brought me there. Merchant City Festival is a place that brings a lot of smile on my face, that turning into every corner of that district is a surprise! If only festival could be running every weekend, but if it really does, its no longer a festival, right?

Till then!

Anna xoxo

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